Complete END to END flowwork from Researchers Targets to Final Drug Discovery Evaluation totally automated By LLM Driven Ai Agents Team

LLM Models

Models fine tuned by levagaing latest Works from Mol-Bert and Partnership with Alphafold2 team, customised to solve complex Binding Site to determint binding site hot spots


Fully on Prem, ensure IP protection, Customers Data Privacy and Propritary Life Science Tuned FPGA stack is 100X faster than GPU*H100 driven Cloud based ML training Servers in the market


World Class Researchers currently are leveaging the software and hardware to Discover new drug to fight pathogens antibotic resistance illness using platform.


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We are at the Stepping Stone of Drug Discovery Revolution, Invest in US and yourself so together , we can fight the coming pandamic.


End to End Drug Discovery platform Levelaging latest Ai Tecnhology


Funded by NSF, we are open to invest in real Science and fully open sources to fight Global Pandemic with latest Drug Discovered everyday as Ai Agents are working 24/7.

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Artificial Intelligence in Drug Discovery Market in terms of revenue was estimated to be worth $0.9 billion in 2023 and is poised to reach $4.9 billion by 2028, growing at a CAGR of 40.2% from 2023 to 2028 according to a new report by MarketsandMarkets.

AI discovered Drug is the new Revolution.

Whilst no novel AI-designed drugs have yet been FDA-cleared, the recent pandemic has highlighted the need for a more efficient and dynamic healthcare industry, with many start-ups benefiting from raising their profiles by participating in COVID-19 research projects. The culture of co-operation has certainly made strides in overcoming barriers that previously held the market back, including promoting and sharing an abundance of data that was previously sequestered by its owners.

  • Patho.Ai NSF Grant allow access to FDA Fast Track.
  • New Novels Drugs are discovered Daily by Patho.Ai Users.
  • Major Labs from University are participlating with patho.Ai open sources Models.

Open to Strategic Partnership

Bringing new drugs and treatments to patients in need with data analytics and AI, open to Partnership

By Partnering with DataBrick, Patho.Ai together with Databrick recognize the facts that Data analytics and AI are critical for improving the success of drug discovery and ensuring the efficient delivery of new treatments to market. Patho.Ai & Databricks helps life science organizations consolidate massive volumes of data and apply powerful analytics so they can realize benefits across the entire drug lifecycle — to achieve lowered costs and better patient outcomes.